Top Tips for Creating a Royal Bride Wedding Aesthetic


Your wedding day is the one day in your life that we non-royals can confidently wear a Bridal Tiara or Bridal Crown, and dress like a beautiful Princess attending a fabulous ball with her Prince Charming or a Queen holding court.

The fascination with the Royal Bride aesthetic hails from long standing tradition, fairy tales, Old Hollywood, modern celebrity wedding style and movies. 

You officially have permission to EMBRACE the MOMENT and GO FOR IT!

Here’s how to use your bridal accessories channel your inner Kate Middleton, Grace Kelley, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle and Princess Mia of Genova or Duchess of Hastings.

After the gown, it’s all about that Wedding Crown

The object here is to style from the gown… you may love Meghan Markle’s crown, but the Art Deco tiara vibe might not go with your wedding dress… or maybe you are wanting a floral feel, but still want to create a royal aesthetic. Confused? Never fear Dear Reader… here’s how to create a royal bridal look without making it look like a costume! 

Look at the silhouette of the dress and the shapes created by the embroidery and beading… the details. Even if your gown is unadorned and clean lined it still has details to the trained eye. Do the geometric shapes of the wedding crown you love appear in your dress? If so, Bingo! 

If not - we have our own Wedding Fairy Godmother on staff that can help you. Summon her here for complimentary bridal styling assistance. You will thank yourself for going this route!

Here are a few of our most popular Royal Bridal Tiaras (There are tons more…)






The Jewels…

The jewelry should work with the tiara you have chosen, also with complimentary shapes to the crown. How you dress on a daily basis - forget it… now is not the time to be afraid and be minimalistic. Adorn yourself! Balance and proportion are key so it doesn’t look like you are creating a costume. You are a Bride… embrace it and BE it.


Wedding Veil…

In my humble opinion - there should not be any other lengths of Bridal Veils other than Cathedral Wedding Veils or ultra long Royal Cathedral Bridal Veils - or longer. Hard stop on that!

Why? A long veil visually frames the bride in a cloud of ethereal romance in person and in the all important wedding photos! You definitely do NOT want all of those gorgeous details and shaping on the back of your wedding gown to be blocked by that annoying line and visual break created by a fingertip veil do you? Veils are sheer - and they will not obscure your gown - they will highlight it… by surrounding and complimenting it. 


This comes from within, as well as from working with an established bridal brand that truly doesn’t just want to sell clients a bunch of pieces because they want to sell stuff… but WANTS you to feel and look amazing!

You likely haven’t ever styled a bridal look before - but we have, and we’ve done it tens of thousands of times over the years! We’ve got you, both in the way of extremely high heirloom quality headpieces, tiaras and crowns and wedding jewelry we have for you, and in our abilities to effortlessly pull it all together for you and remove all that angst and stress of wondering if you have made the perfect choices. We love styling our clients and all you need do is ask. 


From ultra-long bridal veils to diamond tiaras, no expense is spared for a royal wedding. Think opulence yet timeless. Lavish yet elegant. Gold is the color most associated with royalty so its no surprise it’s a popular choice for royal weddings.

Bridal Headpieces…

The trademark of a royal wedding is the bride’s diamond-encrusted tiara. However, outside of Buckingham Palace, it’s a much more realistic to wear a tiara that is extremely well made with top of the line materials like Swarovski Crystals, and extremely high quality Simulated Diamonds so it LOOKS like diamonds - but doesn't need it's own security detail.

Meghan is the perfect nod to royalty for the bride who’s looking for a more understated look.

Going for an unadorned dress? The Lover’s Knot will deliver all the glamour you need for your big day.

Perfect for the princess bride, Petite Queen Victoria is the icing on the cake for the lavish ceremony whether in city hall or the Plaza Hotel.

Nothing oozes Queen like a glamorous crown to finish off your look. Standing at 2.3in, with sparkling simulated diamonds, Queen Maxima is perfect for a larger wedding, while also keeping eyes glued to you for smaller affairs.

What else about a Royal Wedding do we love?

Bridal Veils...

When it comes to royal weddings, the longer a veil the better. Princess Diana’s veil was twenty-five feet long - so there’s no need to keep it short and sweet. While 25ft long might be a touch on the long side for a non-royal, a Cathedral or Royal Cathedral veil will have you exuding elegance and glamour as you glide down the aisle.

GRANDE AMBRELL Extra Long Royal Cathedral Drop Veil
Boasting a train of 14 feet long, GRANDE AMBRELL is the number one choice for the show stopping bride embracing her inner Princess Diana or Grace Kelly

VICTORIA Royal Cathedral Veil
VICTORIA is perfect for the a classic or outdoor woodland forest wedding. The simplistic design, adds a touch of royal glamour to the ethereal ceremony.