How EDEN LUXE Bridal was born...

About a year after I was married... I was talking to one of my friends and lamenting about how much I missed the planning, dressing and accessorizing for my wedding... and how much I was still SWOONING over everything Bridal.

Then it hit me... I could still be surrounded by all of the Bridal gorgeousness that I love, help other Brides create the wedding of their dreams, meet my needs to be surrounded with bejeweled sparkly things - AND create an environment of old-world regal bespoke elegance sorely missing from my own life by creating a company that lives and breathes that philosophy.

Tiaras, Crowns, and Bridal Veils became my PASSION

I longed to feel that old world level of luxury... extreme attention to detail and quality, bespoke regal elegance and an actual connectedness with the maker and purveyor of the things I surrounded myself with... and I needed to find a way to get it - for myself.

Doing What makes my Soul Happy

I am completely honored each and every time I'm able to be part of such an important event in someone's life... I believe when we lift each other up - and create even a tiny spark of joy or happiness for someone else in their life - it truly makes the world a better place.

From ER Nurse to Wedding Fairy Godmother

I'm also an ER Nurse (on a break from the ER currently) - I've been there for so many people during the absolute worst moments of their lives - and being a Wedding Fairy Godmother allows me to show up for strangers (who often become friends) in the best and most beautiful of times too.

I love science and medicine and was infamously known at my hospital as the "Bedazzler Nurse in the ER" because I got in trouble with Administration for bedazzling my computer cart with Heather RN in sparkles and putting rhinestones all over the computer and medication scanner. Just because it's healthcare doesn't mean it can't be sparkly too!!!

Wedding Fairy Godmother - Forever

I got the nickname "Wedding Fairy Godmother" from one of my clients who was literally crying with relief from the decision stress and fatigue that comes with being a bride who wants every detail to be perfect... (that was me also - I feel you!) and she was so happy and grateful for the expert styling and my assistance... even how gorgeous and beautiful the packaging was.

She said she felt like Cinderella who just got Wedding Fairy Godmothered and then said... OMG that's actually what you do too!

It's Not Just a Tiara

ANNNNNND I'm NOT just another "Bridal Retailer."

Tiaras make magic happen... and so do I. That's my passion and what I love doing!

I truly care about my clients as people and what matters to them on their big day. I care about my pieces being of the highest quality and obsess over tiny details and getting it right. This is slow fashion... and although I sell bridal accessories - if it's not right for your gown I'm not letting you buy it... seriously.

XOXO Heather

AKA: The Creatrix, Wedding Fairy Godmother and Founder of EDEN LUXE Bridal