Regal Aesthetic Advice - Dear Heather

Dear Heather,

I’m getting married and I want a classic regal look, but I think I only want a veil because I don’t want a headpiece or tiara to take away from my dress or be too much because my gown has lot of beading. What you do think?

  • Ashley


Dearest Ashley,

A classic regal look basically requires a tiara… When was the last time you saw an actual royal family member wed without a tiara? I’m going with, never!

A veil comes off right after the ceremony… then you are instantly back to a “red carpet“ look without something pulling that bridal essence up into your hair in all of the photos.

Tiaras truly complete and create an iconic bridal look and do not take away from a gown- even one with a lot of beading. You are creating a total look, no one else is looking at all of the beading on your gown with as much scrutiny as you are. They only see the total aesthetic you’ve created.

Let me repeat that - Tiaras do NOT take away from a beaded or detailed gown, nor are they “too much”.

(Unless - it’s a very tall pageant height type of tiara. Which is not what I would ever suggest with a wedding gown.💕)

A tiara truly enhances the royal aesthetic that you are going for on your big day. You are a Bride - and sparkle you must. Please do not be boring and basic! 

You are wearing a super fancy dress -so BE THE BRIDE and DO NOT be afraid to shine on your wedding day!

Tiaras truly create magic, every client I’ve ever had this conversation with who took my advice has messaged me after their wedding and said - “OMG you were right! Thank goodness I went with a tiara, I felt amazing!” 😉

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Much Love and Sparkles,


AKA: Creatrix / Wedding Fairy Godmother


P.S. Besides… when else in life will you be able to rock a tiara all day and night?