Bespoke Wedding Veil Design Commission

$ 500.00

BESPOKE Veil Design Consultation Commission for Hannah T.



  • Design consultation commission fee is due upon receipt, and will be applied towards final price of bespoke wedding veil purchased by client.
  • Veil pricing TBD,  dependent upon laces chosen and final design agreed upon by designer and client.
  • Design / Consultation fees are non-refundable, nor applicable to store credit for other items and are solely towards commission of bespoke wedding veil design consultation services rendered. Designs created remain the designs of and intellectual property of designer Heather Eden Trost, and EDEN LUXE Bridal, LLC.
  • Client aware of timeframes for design concepts presentation are slightly elongated due to Christmas / New Years time out of the office and trunk show travel - and general timeframe for design options / decisions approximately mid January 2024
  • Please see below for Bespoke Veil Designs discussed thus far:
  • Drop veil style / Flat comb attachment
  • Fully laced around with mid weight Alençon / Chantilly Lace-esque design lace
  • Clear sequins on lace trim around the veil  for gentle sparkle and softly cascading up from lace in an ombré flow with a gentle, rain shower like sprinkled pattern up from lace to about the area of the waist of the dress… clear sequins on the lace only on the blusher portion of the veil - not gracing the tulle in the front. 
  • Monarch royal Cathedral length overall
  • 188 inch length total  / 40 inch blusher / 148 inch length in the back.
  • Soft ivory/champagne super sheer bridal illusion tulle
  • Soft, white/Bridal white lace color
  • Clear Sequins
  • Lace appliqué coming up the veil from the lace trim around the edges
  • Two areas of appliqué on each side, one in the center, and then two small areas up a little further of the center near and just below the waist / low back area not overly heavy, not too light in weight and similar in flow and feel to the info veil pics texted by client attached for reference of type of patterning if that veil design / direction is selected.
  • No Appliqués coming up from the veil edging and remaining in design similar to the original inspo pics sent. 

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