The Four Elements Editorial

An Editorial: THE 4 ELEMENTS – Earth, Air, Fire and Water

By Amy Mulder and Heather Eden Trost

Our shoot of the Four Elements at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was both therapeutic and inspiring for me… by opening up creativity we are able see everything with fresh eyes. That inspiration leads to unparalleled images because it comes from a place of deep creative passion and inspiration. I hope that you are inspired by our art and creativity, and pushing the boundaries of bridal fashion in this editorial that explores the symbolism of the 4 Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Element of


For the first element, earth, we chose a setting with lush green vines with multiple layered archways so you can feel the depth of the earth. 

The Gown and Veil…

The hand painted veil I created to go with a stunning bud adorned gown perfect for representing Earth - by Monique Lhuillier…. and topped with the Gaia Crown. 

The gaia crown


I created The Gaia Crown with florals, and sparkly berry tipped branch elements for a beautiful expression of the Earth bursting forth with fertility and flowers and the fruit of the earth.

The Element of


Air is the second element of our shoot. We wanted to highlight the beautiful movement and simplicity of air. Free from distraction, air gives a sense of freedom. It can be peaceful, refreshing or have a destructive ferocity.

The Headpieces


The Headpiece I created was a conglomeration of 3 different pieces and styles to represent the ever changing movement and flow of air…

Intentional Movement and Flow


As was the hairstyle we chose for the model with loose wisps of hair that would move with the wind.

The Element of


Burning, comforting, chaos, and safety, destruction, growth and rebirth... the multifaceted essence that fire brings to us.

Hot Flames... Piercing Shapes

Fire is both fierce and beautiful… intoxicating and mesmerizing.

The spot chosen to shoot our Fire Goddess was filled with Firebush, coral colored walls, and spiked plants.

We also chose red accessories to further pull in Fire's heat with color.

Creatrix's musings on

The Fire Headpiece

The headpiece was created with coral colored pampas grass spikes and gilded bejeweled shafts of wheat and sprigs to represent the heat of the sun represented both in color and harvest.

The design I created was meant to represent both order and chaos, and colors of fire and wild nature, as well as its ability to bring forth new growth exemplified in the wheat elements added into the crown that are born of the light and warmth of the sun.

The Element of


Water is powerful, beautiful, and life giving. Full of movement and fluidity, it dances for us in the form of waves, rain, and waterfalls.

An Estate on the water

Filled with Symbols of Water

Embracing the power of movement and fluidity… we chose the water elements on the Vizcaya Estate and its coral covered walls as the perfect backdrop to capture the Water element for the editorial.

The Headpiece

The Water Headpiece was created with components that would represent the flow and movement of water, and the shape of plants that spring forth from the sea.

The colors of blue and silver were intentionally chosen to represent the colors most often associated with the sea and the dazzling sparkle of the sun reflecting off the water.


Photographer Amy Mulder Photography
Styling Bridal Vogue
Gowns Marchesa,Ritual Unions, Monique L’Huillier
Shoes Bella Belle Shoes
Accessories and Headpieces Eden Luxe Bridal
Hair and Makeup Bri Soffa
Clutch The Mrs Clutch
Models TouT Models