The Corona Bride: Getting married during a pandemic

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has put a damper on weddings but all is not lost. Whether you want to scale down, reimagine your big or simple reschedule, as they say in the theater, the show must go on.

Virtual Wedding

Keep the big wedding of your dreams with a celebrant ceremony 

If you were planning on having the wedding of the decade, there’s no reason to wave goodbye to those plans if you opt for a Virtual Wedding. The arrival of COVID-19 has been more and more Celebrants offering Virtual Ceremonies to engaged couples. You can send an e-invite to as many people as you like, maybe even send the dinner from your reception to fully enjoy the ceremony. Depending on who you invite, your audience could be all over the world, so go big or go home with your bridal look.

Echoing the statuesque nature of royalty, Persephone Bridal Crown is our top pick for a Virtual Wedding. The sparking diamonds will perfect on camera and will surely wow your guests.

A virtual wedding is a perfect day to go dramatic, and nothing says drama like a black detailed veil. DAUPHINE, adds a gothic Avant Garde aroma to any occasion, surely making your virtual ceremony unforgettable.

Outdoor Wedding

Trade your lavish indoor nuptials for the wonderful outdoors

A study of 1245 confirmed cases across 120 cities in China has shown that coronavirus transmission mostly occurred in the home and on public transport. Embracing the great outdoors not only increases your chance of staying safe during the pandemic but gives a wonderful opportunity to make the most of mother nature.

An outdoor wedding is the number one opportunity to embrace your inner woodland creature and live out your flower-child fantasy. Our CECILY gold tiara is ideal for the nature-loving bride who wants a bit of sparkle to complete her look. Alternatively, our ANASTASIA Gilded Leaves and Blossoms Tiara screams Aurora from Maleficent.

Micro Wedding 

Keep your wedding COVID-approved with a small and intimate ceremony

Wedding guidelines are allowing for small weddings of up to 30 guests with social distancing for the foreseeable future for indoor ceremonies, so a small and intimate ceremony can a great option. The minimalism sets a romantic scene and allows for a bride to experiment with her bridal look.

Everyone from Phoebe and Mike on Friends to Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl has wowed in a small wedding dripping in romance and glamour. Our ALEXANDRA Pearl Bridal Crown embodies everything bridal: elegance, glamour, beauty, and luxury without being too lavish to be out of place at a micro wedding. Featuring Cream Faux Pearls and Swarovski crystals, Alexandra is on hand to deliver timeless memories for years to come.


Celebrate the big day with a lavish social-distanced reception before the legal ceremony

If you’d rather reschedule than reimagine your big day, there’s no reason you can’t still mark your would-be wedding day with a lavish reception before you say your actual I do’s.

A non-wedding is the perfect opportunity to be as creative as you like so instead of going full bride, wear a headpiece with a stylish dress and save the tiara and wedding gown for the legal ceremony. BECKWITH is perfect for an understated garden party; TAYLOR is ideal for a lavish affair with your nearest and dearest and RHYS is our top pick for a festival-esque socially distanced party.