How Not to Ruin your Wedding Photos

After over 12 years of Wedding Fairy Godmother experience styling THOUSANDS and thousands of brides from all over the world… and viewing nearly of wedding gallery photos…

I decided to share a REALITY CHECK that may sound harsh - but is said with Love 💕 and coming from a place of kindness - because I CARE about my clients and DO NOT want this to happen to you. Sadly, I’ve seen this happening a lot lately…

  • You will ruin your Wedding Photos by….creating a visually boring aesthetic by NOT accessorizing ENOUGH, and by not wearing something - literally anything in your hair after you remove your veil post ceremony.
    • Keep in mind, how you minimally accessorize every day has no bearing on designing your wedding day look.
  • You will ruin your Wedding Photos by….  thinking a Wedding Gown and Earrings are “enough” to keep you from being visually underwhelming to your guests IRL and in your photos.
    • Just earrings and a wedding dress most often give Red Carpet Gala vibes of “beautiful woman in a white dress” rather than “Bride.”
    • You and everyone else will be looking at your wedding photos (for the rest of your life) and the opportunity to fully capture that Bridal moment and embodying the vibe of “being a Bride” will be missed. 
    • You aren’t wearing a regular dress to your wedding… so why apply the same fashion concepts to your wedding?
    • BTW… a Tiara is NOT the only way to look bridal if a tiara isn’t your thing. 
  • You will ruin your Wedding Photos by….  NOT realizing you are actually bridal fashion styling for a 10-12 hour photoshoot - that just so happens to be of you and your wedding.

So PLEASE don’t ruin your wedding photos, and miss your big Bridal Era moment by not fully finishing your wedding day look by not accessorizing enough in that “just right” zone for your overall desired aesthetic, venue vibe, and wedding gown.

Remember… there are NO do overs on a wedding day, and those photos last a lifetime.

XO - Heather

P.S. If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the choices and need some guidance or styling assistance… I’m happy to help! Just message to make some Wedding Fairy Godmother magic happen for you!